3 Cool Worlds can help you create the best online presence for your own specific needs, whether you require a website for personal use or for a small-to-medium sized business. The internet has fast become the preferred method for advertising a business, for serving clients and for instantly communicating with a large group of customers or friends and family. Unlike other media, websites operate 24/7 and have a global reach.

3 Cool Worlds specialises in creating dynamic, clean websites using open source software - primarily the Joomla content management system. But we do much more than that, and every client - whether a commercial enterprise or an individual - has unique requirements. Below are some of the services we provide.

Static Websites

These are a cheap, quick, easy way to maintain a presence on the internet. If you need only a few web pages that won't require frequent updating, a static website might be the way to go. Unlike dynamic websites, any future alterations to your static website will probably need to be done by us, since static pages are tricky to edit and require a good knowledge of computer languages such as HTML and CSS.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are good for medium-to-large sites and can be maintained by you, the owner - saving you time and money. Content can be changed or updated easily, using a tool similar to common word processing programs. What's more, dynamic websites are fully customizable. They encompass things like blogs, message boards and news-heavy websites. We usually employ the Joomla content management system, which has an enormous amount of plugins and extensions that can add functionality to your website.


Need a quick way to communicate with your clients, without relying on them to visit your website? We're experienced in designing clean, vibrant e-newsletters. They look just like a web page, delivered directly to your clients' In box.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website isn't much good if people can't find it! That's where SEO comes in, and it's an area some people neglect. By using strategically-placed key words and other nifty tricks, your website is more likely to be ranked on the first page of a Google search, driving the target audience to your site. We can examine your website and determine the best ways to get your site on people's radar!


As a web host reseller, 3 Cool Worlds offers custom hosting for our web design clients. We can determine the best, most cost-effective hosting package for your website. One other advantage is that we know how our servers work, which gives us more assured control over how to build your website and how it will display on people's computers.