What are your rates?

Web design is a lot like building a house - every house plan is unique, so standard rates are hard to pin down. Our prices vary according to each client's specific requirements. Below are a few base prices, as a guide only. For more concrete estimates, contact Mick to discuss your specific requirements and we'll go from there!

Static website

approx. $50US per page
This estimate includes one CSS stylesheet, 3 images per page. Optional extras like animated gifs, javascript menus etc. can be added, but aren't included in this estimate.

Standard Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB or SMF Installation

Installation of the default package for these platforms

Joomla with template

Includes: installing Joomla with the template of your choice - may require separate licence fee; preparing and inserting your logo/banner - branding - into the template. Also includes easy-to-use website backup utility.

Joomla with customised template

See "Joomla with template," though in this case the template will be one-of-a-kind, unique to your own website

Joomla installation, plugin installation and configuration, customised template

As above, but also includes the installation and configuration of plugins and extensions, to add functionality to your website


$100 template design, $40US/hour content
We can design an HTML e-newsletter template for a flat $100US. Thereafter we charge $40 per hour to insert your content into subsequent newsletters.