3 Cool Worlds have been building and operating websites since 2001. We're currently behind the wheel of: - The world's premier information resource for Academy Award-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, this site has been running for 10 years. All design and updating is done by Mick, owner of 3CW. Winner of the "Best Screenwriter Fan Site Editor's Pick" and "Audience Pick" Awards. Featured in Hollywood Reporter, Wired, Variety and numerous other publications, this massive site is the acknowledged, unbeatable home of all things Charlie Kaufman.

Features: Regularly-updated news; content management system; blog with commenting system; downloadable media (videos, audio clips, PDFs etc.) including pay-per-download component; image galleries; phpBB and SMF forums (no longer active); user profiles; RSS feeds; site search engine; site backup utility. News updates on the site are automatically reposted on the Facebook page, and the BCK Twitter account. - The online entity for Macquarie Business Accountants, Australia.

Features: Stylish Javascript menu; site search engine; clean, uncluttered layout; monthly email newsletters coded by 3CW; multiple static web pages.

The Meaning of Life Book - Scott Hoops asks users "What is the meaning of life?" and displays the wide variety of responses online, for inclusion in his forthcoming book.

Features: Content management system; image gallery with "light box" popup effect; blog with RSS feed; contact form with upload attachment ability; sign-up/membership system - members gain access to restricted content and various promotions; site backup utility.

City Cosmetic Clinic - The online home of City Cosmetic Clinic and Dr. Joseph Tiong, one of Sydney's leading cosmetic surgeons.

Features: Content management system with simplified administrator control panel for easy use; site search engine; customized banner; self-updating site map for easy user navigation; embedded Google maps for users to locate City Cosmetic Clinic; online enquiry form; pdf/print/email any page; easy-to-use site backup utility.