About 3 Cool Worlds

3 Cool Worlds is operated by Michael Spadaro, on the east coast of Australia.

In 2001 Mick built his first website, BeingCharlieKaufman.com, an information resource for fans of renowned screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. The size of the site -- and its audience -- grew rapidly, to the point where Mick is frequently cited as a world authority on the life and work of Kaufman. The website has been featured in magazines and newspapers, winning several awards. More than that, however, it has led to a wide range of freelance work, building and maintaining websites for other clients.

Mick now handles websites for accounting firms, cosmetic surgeons, authors and normal, everyday folk, located in Australia and abroad.

With over 10 years experience in web design, Mick prides himself on creating clean, stylish websites for businesses and personal use. As a freelance web designer, he can give clients a degree of personal attention not available when dealing with larger web design firms. His experience in building websites for individuals and businesses means that he is familiar with the wide variety of services and skill levels that potential clients have, and is confident he can cater to your specific needs, whether you are experienced in maintaining websites or a complete novice.

An experienced writer of short stories, novels, film scripts and non-fiction articles, you can also be assured that when dealing with Mick, any copy-editing or proofreading requirements are covered. (Mick has been writing for more than 25 years, winning many awards for his work, and has had numerous short stories published. He has been a reviewer of film scripts for The Trades.com, and as a novelist he has been represented by renowned Australian literary agent Selwa Anthony.)

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact him.